Monday, August 11, 2008

Reputation of Satanism

While browsing through Diane Vera's site, Theistic Satanism, I came across an article called 'Should Satanist care about the reputation of Satanism?'. She highlights some points made by people who disagree, who think that satanist should not care about the reputation of Satanism, or who think satanism is better served by having a bad reputation. She then, quite articulately, refutes those points. (You should really do read the actually article, I'm not even close to doing it justice).

I completely agree with Diane on this issue, an issue that has been on my mind of later since I read this article about satanic vandals striking a church. This defacement of property, which amounts to little more than teen angst, has thrown satanism into the public arena with its only ambassadors being two idiots.

I'm not too up to speed on the rights of Canadian citizens but I'd bet that they do have the right to religious freedom. Regardless of where such hate crimes occur, it makes it difficult for us Satanists who are trying to champion freedom of religion; especially when those who also call themselves satanists are the ones infringing on others freedom of religion.

For those satanist who want to start a religious war, know this: we will loose. War is not won by the amount of hate you have for your enemy but rather by the amount of bullets you have to shoot at you enemy. Very often the same people who leap-frogged the 1st Amendment landed firmly on the 2nd Amendment.

For those satanist who want to keep satanism underground: you can stay underground but I'm not. I'm proud to be a Satanist and I want to talk and practice openly. I'm realistic enough to know that I would suffer negatively if I were to do so and that saddens me and makes me want to change it.

For those satanist who want complete freedom to practice their religion: you are not alone. There is more than just satanists who want to enjoy the same freedoms that the major religions enjoy. It isn't going to be easy but it isn't going to be impossible either. We need to educate society not alienate it.

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