Saturday, August 30, 2008

Book Review: Ater Votum

I've seen the book before online as a pdf and liked what was in it enough to buy a physical copy (there is something to be said to having something in your hands instead of on the screen). It says right on the cover that it is 'a daemonolatry pray book' but I found out that is was a little bit more

Positive: Twenty three prayers, one page of blessings, eighty four proverbs and the Al-Jilwah with commentary - all packed in within the covers of this book. It is a tiny little thing, the Ater Votum, but it took me some time to read it. Nearly everything gave me pause as I stopped to think about it.

I was really impressed with the Proverbs, which are supposed to be have found carved on Egyptian temples. These gave more the most pause as their meanings slowly soaked in.

This was my first time reading the Al-Jilwah, but it is far from my first time hearing about it. I'll save getting into for a later post, but I do have to say that is did provoke a thought or two. The commentary from S. Connolly gave greater dept to the text in my opinion.

Neutral: A few of the prayers didn't ring for me, but I doubt all the prayers will ring for all the people

Negative: I'm really pushed to find anything negative about this book. I guess at a stretch I could say that it was too short!

Overall, I've found a book that I'm going to find myself going back to, not for information, but more for inspiration. I like that in a book!

I rate it: 8.5/10

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mchlbhm said...


Look up the Al-Jilwah to discover where it came from originally. I found it to be non satanic as it's an angelic text of the Kurdish people. Unless you look at it from an xtian standpoint where *everything* is satanic if its disagrees with them. lol