Thursday, August 28, 2008

Book Review: Demonolatry Rites

This is a short little book that arrived today in the mail from Demonolatry Rites is, as you can guess, a book that contains rites, or rituals, from demonolatry. It is collected and edited from the lovely S. Connolly who you might recognize as the author of The Complete Book of Demonolatry. On to the review:

Positive: For such a short book it packs a punch and doesn't waste time getting to it. A two page introduction is all that is that is standing between the reader and twenty rites. I think that is worth repeating: twenty rites!

This book reveals a lot of information from many Demonolators private collections, everything from rites to the elemental Demons, creating talismans, curses, ridding yourself of previously held religious dogma to rituals to help you find love, protect your car and find lost items.

My favorite is called 'Pillars of the Sisters' and is a seven day rite to seven Demonesses. It is beautifully imaged and beautifully written.

Oh, and the book includes two Appendices that has some of the information held in other books that is great to have on hand in this one.

Neutral: There is a rite called 'To Learn Magick' that was just a tease. All the information to perform the rite is there but it was very short.

Negative: Nothing really except for my own petty want for more!

Overall, Demonolatry Rites is a great book that holds greater knowledge. I'm rating it in context: it is a book of demonolatry rites only, not something to for someone who knows nothing about demonolatry at all.

I rate it 9.0

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