Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blogger Profiles

Did you know that everything you list in your Blogger profile is a link? Seriously, it is. Go check it out.

Every link in your profile links to other people who listed the same thing you did. Everything from your occupation to location to favorite movies to interests. This can be a great tool to find people who are also interested in the same things you are, live in the same locations, or work in the same jobs.

So, I ask you to think twice about what you list. If you want someone to find you through your listed interests, then please list those interests. Same with location, occupation, and favorite... stuff.

I'm only mentioning this since it is how I find others that share my interests. I'm hoping that people will make it easier for me to find them. If I do find you, I'll at least take the time to read your blog. I might even follow it.

Go on, make me your fan.


Ain Soph said...

Sometimes people don't list things because they don't want to be easily found. LOL! I won't list Demonolatry (that particular spelling) on my interests because it makes me harder to find that way. Though people can dig and find me if they really want to. Not listing with general terminology - for me at least - keeps the poseurs at bay longer and makes my enemies have to work harder to find me. I mostly write my blogs for my friends and family or my longtime readers anyway. All those folks know where I am. :)

Jeremy said...

Sometimes though, people don't list things because they don't know how or the purpose.

I don't like the idea of people not listing something so they can't be found, I want to find them damn it!

GingerRoot said...

Best way to find blogs is by the Interest List. How I stumbled on this one.
Great blog by the way.