Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Review: The Art of Creative Magick

Yet another title from author S. Connolly, this one directed towards all magical paths and not just Demonolatry. It can be still used by Demonolators, in case you were wondering. In a nutshell this book is a book of permission, permission to do magic as you want to do magic and not being constrained to other methodologies. On to the review:

Positive: This book reads really easy and I found myself devouring it very quickly. It is divided into sections: 'Symbolic Aspects', 'Spiritual & Belief Aspects' and 'Purposeful Aspects'. The first section covers your ritual space, decorating it, rituals tools and creating talisman, amulets and sigils. The next section covers beliefs in magic, creating a person pantheon and invoking your god(s), with the last section covering rituals and spells.

As said before, this book really empowers its reader to do what feels right for them and create their own form of magic.

Neutral: There is no 'Contents' page and I only noticed that when I was writing this review.

Negative: I don't see this as negative, but I can see how some would: Creative Magick encourages people to practice magic in a way that works best for them. I'm sure some practitioners would see this as bad,

Over all, this is a small book that is big on advice.

I rate it: 8.0/10

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