Friday, August 8, 2008

Book Review: The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic

I recently acquired The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp. Apparently it has been taken out of print by the request of the author, so I'm counting myself lucky that I managed to get my hands on a copy. It is a very interesting book and well worth the $17 dollars I paid for it.

Positive: This book is chock full of information and I'm betting that I'll keep coming back to as a source of reference. It has over 28 rituals that cover a wide range, from money to lust, and from legal workings to hexing. The rituals begin by laying out what materials you will need and then give you the method to complete it. The book touches on a vast area of magical subjects including divination, sex magic, cursing, blood magic, sigils. The reference section contains the Enns for calling forth demons along with the corresponding sigils. By far my most favorite section was the one on how to make oleums and incenses, it included a long list of materials needed to make a lot of different oleums and incenses. It has inspired me to learn more.

Neutral: The book, while giving me a lot of information, left me realizing I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge of Demonolatry. This is by far NOT the authors/books fault but more my own for not buying The Complete Book of Demonolaty first. I'm operating on the assumption that most of the reference material in The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic will be more use to me once I've learned more.

Negative: The author is far from the best writer on occult material. I'm not too fond on her casual tone and I loathes the grammatical mistakes that I noticed. Now I'm far from the best at grammar and my writing leaves a lot to be desired. I guess I expect more from someone who is published.

Despite any negativity I had with this book, I still found it accessible and worthy enough to read it completely in less than 2 days.

I rate it: 7/10

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