Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back... again

Ok, I'm back again.

I think I need blogging. My theory is this - If I don't spew my thoughts and ideas out into the blogosphere and instead keep them all bottled up in my head, I'll explode and take out a whole city, or something.

Actually I've been trying to write and I've discovered that without regular practice I just suck. That doesn't mean that with regular practice that I don't suck but I like to think that I suck less.

My absence from this blog doesn't mean that I was stagnating spiritually, quite the opposite really. I've been delving really deep into Demonolatry in both worship and in demonic magic. On March 21st, during the Rite of Lucifer, I self-initiated myself and became an Demonolator Initiate. Maybe I shouldn't have capitalized that since it really isn't a title but rather just a personal milestone. If I was going to go for a title I'd probably try to pick something that conveyed a certain gravitas without being corny. Super Dark Lord Extraordinaire would be out of the question!

I should really write something worth reading... maybe tomorrow.


VenusSatanas said...

Hey Welcome back then!
Congrats on your entry into demonolatry. its a fascinating path that I have always had an interest in. do check out S. connolly and ellen pursewell for some excellent texts on demonolatry.

Jeremy said...

Thanks Venus!

I own every thing by S. Connolly and Ellen Purswell, and I agree they both have excellent texts.