Sunday, September 28, 2008

Belial Amulet

I'm working through an exercise where everyday I'm meditating on a different Demon to see which one resonates with me the most. I started Thursday with Belial and had a very strong experience that inspired me.

On Friday, I spent the day making up an oleum to Belial, as well as starting on a shrine and making an amulet. I went with polymer clay for the materials for the amulet and so made a shopping trip to the craft store to buy some supplies.

I have to say that the polymer clay aisle was very intimidating to the uninitiated but after about 20 minutes of staring, that which included 5 minutes of running after my youngest child, I settled on a product. I bought 2 different colors of 'Sculpey III', Chocolate and Leaf Green. I also bought a copper metallic ink pen, some hemp cord, a gloss and a brush for the gloss.

This was my first time working with polymer clay and I had a lot of fun. I broke off about a quarter of the chocolate color and a quarter of the green and started to mold them into a disk. When I got what I wanted, I took a blunt pencil and indented the sigil of Belial on it. I fired it per the instructions on the packet of clay, then filled in the indentation with the metallic ink pen. I then brushed on the gloss, got really unhappy with the results and started again.

This is my second attempt:


I didn't put on any gloss this time.

I'm happy!


Anonymous said...

I have always liked the idea of making my own amulet as containing your own engery (as you make it) would help it to resonate not only to your chosen demon but i think just as important your own frequencies and not someone elses (if they made it) . Excuse me for asking but are the colours important and why choose hemp ? . Did you think of anything while you made it or was the meditation before suffice . Why did you not gloss it , did that make a difference ? . Will you wear it all the time or just in ritual or meditation ? . Many thanks for putting up with the questions! .

Jeremy said...

I chose the colors based on my understanding of Belial as an Earth Elemental, green and brown as very earthy colors in my book. The same with the hemp, it is a natural fiber that is grown in the ground as opposed to leather which is harvested from an animal.

I wasn't thinking of anything other than the creative process but I was making an oleum for Belial at the same time.

As I've said, this amulet is my second attempt. I didn't like the gloss that I put on my first attempt. I think it was actual gloss being a little too thick but it didn't turn out right and was scrapped.

I've been wearing the amulet everyday and I certainly plan on wearing it during rituals to Belial and anytime I meditate on him. I haven't done any ritual to bless or charge the amulet yet, I'm wearing it to get my essense on it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answers . What is it's intention ? . Is it a calling card to Belial or to make your vibration match Belials or just nothing more than a focus for your intent . Thanks!.

Jeremy said...

Right now it is just a focus. I'm feeling very drawn towards Belial and want to do something that externalizes that. Hence the amulet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you . When you consecrate it does the purpose change? . I suppose that i should state my intent as you have been so kind to answer my questions . I am a Satanist but a ecclectic one and i am new . I have read the LeVayen philosophy and like alot of it , i like the cohesian it has , i like it's philosophy and it's tenants or statement of intentions . Yet there is something missing for me . I feel Satan i feel the pull of Satan and to me it is more than just a force of nature . Satan is an intelligence . An opposer , an adversary who wants humans to reach their full potential , have perfect knowledge and walk in equal perfection with a god and for us to become gods ourselves . I have no fixed idea on a form of Satan yet . But i know i am being called and it is my choice whether to heed the call . There is no compulsion or should i say i am not being coherced . It's just a choice to listen . My choice . What happens after that i do not know?.

Jeremy said...

The purpose won't change for me when I finally consecrate the amulet. It is still an externalization of me being drawn towards Belial...

LaVey's writings, and his philosophy, are great and really ring true for a lot of folks. However, some people, like me, are not atheists and acknowledge Satan being an actually force/entity/god etc. Some of us call ourselves Theistic Satanists, a phrase that can cause a lot of arguements amongst LaVeyian Satanists who believe that they are the only ones who can a legitimate claim to the title of Satanist.

But, each to their own!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on the amulet . Well i guess that makes me confused as i do see the potential of both sides . But from your description i would then have to lay claim to myself being a theistic satanist . As to who owns the name satanists i would say that , that is like saying who owns satan! . I don't know who is right here but i do believe the world is big enough for both kinds of satanism . Maybe satan calls different satanists to different paths according to their own potential . One not above the other just different?.

Jeremy said...

I'm with you on that one mate, but alas we might be in the minority!

Anonymous said...

Well take care friend . Remember throughout history every minority does eventualy become a MAJORITY!. Anyway satan will sort things out , change , knowledge , growth are the calling cards of satan . I may not be on your level yet , but i know enough to say that one thing satan never is , is STATIC . Satan wont let stagnation take place in his-her name . Stephen .