Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Energy Feeding

It was in New York City on May 1st 2000 that I first became aware of there being an aura of energy surrounding people. Through reading I knew it to exist but one that date I could sense it. I remember the day very well for as soon as I became aware of this aura I immediately began to draw it towards me. I did this uncontrollably and after much experimentation I learned how to suppress it. I believed at the time, and later proved it to my satisfaction, that by drawing this energy towards me I could in drain or 'feed' off of it. During the next couple of weeks I learned that I could easily pull this energy from the people around me and if I so chose I could pull enough energy to exhaust them. Well rather enough that I assumed I had exhausted them.

I realized that I didn't need this energy, I wasn't deficient in anyway. By researching it I first thought that I was a psychic vampire. As I learned more about what a psychic vampire was the more I figured out that I wasn't that. As I just said, I don't have an energy deficiency so I didn't need the energy. But as I was now aware of the aura and how I could I could draw from it I found that it was hard not to do so. I saw others as I walked around the city doing what I was doing. I even noticed people stopping to watch me feed on the energy around me. To be quite honest, feeding on energy like this feels really good and a little euphoric. I feel the energy being drawn into my body by my neck, the right side to be precise. When I draw a lot of energy it feels like a knife of pleasure entering into the back of my skull.

I don't know what this makes me, if it makes me anything at all. I do know that when I become distracted and don't notice auras then I don't feed of them. For the last few years I had completely disregarded them and payed them no attention and so I didn't feed at all. Now that I am once again aware, I feel the energy of those around me all the time. I feel it being drawn towards me and I feel it enter my body. I do remember how I can control myself, but right now I'm only exercising that control around my family and friends.

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