Thursday, November 8, 2007

A weird occurance while Motionless

Last night during my motionlessness exercise I experienced something that I didn't experience during these exercises before. It was as if I was trying to astral project. All the sensations that I have previously experienced while try to project I felt last night. It was if my spirit was trying to vibrate out of my body. The only thing that I felt was holding it back was the intense pressure I was feeling in my third eye area. If I didn't know better, I would have believed that someone was pressing down hard on my forehead with their finger. I was in a state of complete awareness of my body so I could feel no physical tension in my forehead, or complete head for that matter, that might have been misleading me into thinking this pressure was from my third eye area. After the initial confusion I felt from the onslaught of this sensation, I just relaxed more and went with the flow. I experienced feelings of floating free from my physical body but I was always grounded by my third eye. When I started to focus exclusively on just this area I began to see I bright light even though my eyes were closed and I was in a dimly lit room.

After what seemed like a few minutes turned out to be 30 minutes when I finally opened my eyes and moved my body. I was ecstatic at the length of time I remained motionless since the prior night I only managed 11 minutes. I'm still baffled at what caused all the sensation and why my third eye felt the way it did. I will have to look further into it, especially if it occurs during tonights exercise. I wonder if it has anything to do with my chakras. I'll have to do some research since I don't know anything about them!


silencio dogood said...

that's "the buzz in your braintree" - i can get the buzz really quickly if i let it happen, but it scares me too much - it feels like my skull will explode if i go with it... maybe some day soon i can go for it...

Mick Hanzer said...

I too have had some dealings with a similar phenomena where my vision seemed to "ooze" out to the floor and beneath my bed. It left me paralyzed and barily breathing thrice before I shook myself awake and had to go start my day at 4am instead of six.
I had been seeing what I now considered to be my gaurdian shortly beforehand, and the crow also had shortly before become an animal I take a special kinship towards. I imagined it may have been "teaching" me to astral project, or experience death, one of the two xD