Friday, November 2, 2007


Looking through my old links to labeled 'Magic/Occult/Whatever' I came to rediscovered a site called PsiPog and was reintroduced to Psionics. Whatever you may know it as, Psionics is about the mind. Communicating mentally, sensing aura's/thoughts/emotions, moving things mentally, manipulation of energy all fall under this heading. A few years ago I had read the site in some detail and had practiced a lot of what I learned there. Immediately on seeing the site load on my screen I began to feel both of my palms tingle with energy, a feeling that I have previously associated with the formation of psi-balls.

I want to explore Psionics more in dept but currently I feel I have enough to concentrate on. I have however been making psi-balls all day and been playing around with them. It is a fun distraction!

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