Sunday, November 4, 2007

Practicing Liber MMM

As things go, it hasn't been until today that I had a chance to begin the exercises in Liber MMM. I knew that if I didn't start soon I would be doing mis-service and so to to kick it all off I went and bought a nice journal to keep track of it all!

The first exercise is Motionlessness, so I got myself all ready by making sure my chronograph on my wrist watch worked and arranging myself in a comfortable position. I was laying on my bed with my shoes off, started the timer and stopped moving. It was a little harder than I expected. It was swallowing spit that did me in at the end! If I hadn't done that I'm guessing I could have gone longer. I lasted 5:30 minutes so I was happy with those results, especially since I was right out the gate.

I did notice that when my mind wandered it distracted me for all my discomforts but I wanted to focus on how my body was feeling so I kept the wandering to a minimum. In future exercises I will need to keep it focused so I might as well start now. Once I hit 15 minutes laying down without moving I will progress to sitting and then standing before moving on to more 'advanced' exercises. I must say that the next exercise listed is Breath Control, I might try that in conjunction with Motionlessness.

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