Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm back

It has been a good few months since I've been on here, in fact I've all but forgotten about this little blog of mine. I'm kind of embarrassed by that. It feels like a validation of my tendency to quit.

Regardless, I'm back!

I've been studying Demonolatry a lot lately and it is speaking to me. I mean really speaking to me. I've found a site called OFS Demonolatry and it has been educational. After doing a few google searches, I can't find anything that matches it in terms of material.

Diane Vera's site about Theistic Satanism has also been a huge resource to me in the last few weeks. There has a lot of satanic philosophy which I've found enlightening and thought provoking.

Since my interest is back, I've bought a tarot deck last week. Namely the Thoth deck. This is my first time working with the tarot and I'm loving it. I can't believe I've not picked up a deck years ago. It is maddening that I've always know about it just choose to ignore it. I've been getting some good insights and I'm picking it easily. I also bought Aleister Crowley's Book of Thoth to go with it but it is a bit to esoteric for me. I'm still glad I bought it though since it goes delve deep in the the symbology of the cards. I ended up buying 'The Tarot Handbook' to get the meanings I've been looking for and I'm happy with it. Other books were suggested to me but the local bookstore didn't carry them and I was impatient.

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