Sunday, August 10, 2008

What exactly is a Satanist/Demonolater supposed to like like anyway?

Over at Demonolatry Space, there is a group for people who don't look like what people would imagine a Demonolater or Satanist too look like. It has gotten me thinking, since I fit nice and snugly into that category, what exactly is a satanist or demonolater supposed to be like?

I typically wear 'casual wear', as in jeans and t-shirts. During the summer time I can be found in shorts and sandals. I mostly wear light colored shirts. I once owned a black t-shirt that had a baphomet on it, but that got all ink stained when I was working at a printing press many years ago. Now my most exciting black shirt has 'Guinness' written across the chest.

I'm in my mid-twenties, married with kids. I have a mortgage, two cars, two dogs and a trampoline in my backyard. I work diligently at watering my lawn to keep it nice and green. I spent my weekend cleaning out my garage and I work in Law Enforcement.

I do have one tattoo that is covered when I wear any clothing. My left ear is pierced twice; I have to take the rings out when I'm at work; and my nipples are pierced. My hair is classed as 'conservative' by my department and I have a neatly trimmed goatee (some of what you can see from my little picture on the right).

My kids have their friends over to play and have sleepovers. I eat dinner with my in-laws twice a month. I have a gym membership. I spend many hours a week outside jumping on my trampoline. I sew. I'm not artistic in any way or form. I love listening to ABBA and I play disk golf from time to time.

Am I any less a Satanist/Demonolater? No, I'm not. I pray to Satan many times a day, and wear a baphomet under my shirt. I preform some ritual ceremonies a few times a year (not as much as I would like). I believe in magic and practice it. I meditate, practice vampirism and I'm learning the tarot. I do this all while living and looking like an average American guy... fancy that.

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