Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jason King on youtube

It has just be recently that I discovered actual 'channels' on youtube, and not long after that I found Jason King. This guy really knows his stuff and has uploaded a lot of videos talking about Satanism in some form or another. Ninety six as I'm writing this. He calls himself a 'postmodern satanist', and right on his channels front page is; 'Yes, I accept the existence of Satan' so, to me, he is a theistic Satanist. I think he accepts that label on one of his videos.

I've not got through and seen all of his videos but I have seen about ten of them. They have all struck me as well thought out and intelligent. You can tell, and I don't think it is much of a secret, that he is reading off a screen as he is making the video. With the black light in the background, sometimes in the foreground, and the fact that he is just a floating talking head, the videos aren't the best videos on youtube. However, they are so packed with information that really is thought provoking that if the production of his videos bother you, then you really need to overcome it.

Enough preamble, here is the link:

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Queen Of Hearts said...

I have spoken with Jason King before. He is a well spoken man. You seek you will find. I wonder, have you tried any Satanic forums at all?

I am an admin for and so is Jason King. I think you might enjoy it there. Just a thought.