Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like minded bloggers

I've been looking for a few like minded bloggers lately but I think I must not be looking in the right places. I'm not able to find anyone, or rather anyone that is active. When I say 'like minded bloggers', I'm not being picky, I'm not just looking for theistic satanists or demonolaters. I'd like to get in touch with anyone who blogs about the darker side of magic/the occult.

If you are a such a person, please leave a comment letting me know you are here. If you are not such a person but know where I could find someone, the please leave a comment letting me know where to point my browser. I'd really like to get more blogs on my blog roll and maybe ever get this blog on a few blog rolls.

As you can see on the right of this post (you might have to scroll a bit!) that I only have three blogs, at the moment, on my blog roll.

Jeremism is just one of my other blogs that I use to go on about stuff not relevant to this one. It isn't all that active, and is more me just ranting.

OFS Demonolatry is the only blog I could find concerning Demonolatry out there. I must not be looking very hard because I'm sure it isn't the only one.

Theistic Satanism, a blog by Diane Vera, is just one out there about theistic satanism but the others have more leanings towards religious freedoms than satanism. That doesn't mean that I'm not interested in them, I just prefer 'Theistic Satanism'.

I'd love to have more on my blog roll, so like I said above, please comment and tell me where I can find more blogs.


Magistra_Y said...

You asked for more blogs---aiming to please:

The polar opposite of Diane Vera's "Theistic" Satanism.

From a Magistra in the original Satanism: The Church of Satan.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the link, I've added it to my blog roll

Magistra_Y said...

I genuinely appreciate your comment. I will grant you that if I had the pleasure of "meeting" more TS folks who demonstrate the civility, humor, and respect to Anton LaVey that you have, my attitude would possibly be different. Regardless, the hall mark of a Satanist is individualism, and you seem quite an interesting one. Thanks, again.

August 15, 2008 12:27 PM

Jeremy said...

For those following along at home, Magistra_Y is commenting on my comment to her post on her blog, which can be found here:

Magistra_Y, us Satanist have precious few friends in the world and enough enemies who would see us gone. I'd hate to be found courting enemies amongst my own kind.

I've never talked to anyone who professed a theistic belief in Satan, unless you count talking to myself! I believe what the CoS says that Satan is but I go one step further and say that He is a real entity rather than a philosophical view. Some might see me being very different from modern Satanists such as yourself, I see myself as pretty close. Close enough to interact under the olive brance of peace.