Thursday, August 7, 2008

Categorizing my beliefs

I've been doing some research so I can classify my belief system. I'm a theistic satanist, which you can see from my 'About Me', but since that category is quite broad I thought I would try to get specific. I also mentioned that I am reading and learning a lot more about demonolatry but I don't feel comfortable categorizing myself as a demonolater just yet. I've never worked with demons and I've never felt their presence enough to 'know' that they exist. I have worked with Satan and do 'know' that he exists.

I don't believe that Satan is the only higher consciousness, or deity, in existence. I can't be so egotistical to say that my god is the only god. Other people believe in other gods; if those gods didn't exist before people started to believe in them then they certainly do exist now from all that belief. Since monotheism is belief in only one deity and I believe in, or rather acknowledge, more than one deity then that makes me a Polytheist.

Researching it further it seems that there are more than one kind of polytheism. They're soft polytheism who believe that the gods are aspects of a higher god, then they're hard polytheism that believe the gods are separate beings. I prescribe to the second one which makes me a Hard Polytheist.

Digging deeper, I come to pantheism which is the belief that the physical universe is the equivalent to all the gods in existence; and panentheism which believe the physical universe is joined to the gods but the gods are greater than the universe. I believe in higher realms of existence, such as the astral plane and the mental plane. Since these aren't physical and since I gods exist on these planes then I guess that would make me a Panentheist.

So, in a nutshell, I am a panentheistic hard polytheistic satanist. Once I have made 'contact' with demons then I'll be a panentheistic hard polytheistic demonolater. Ain't that great!

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