Monday, August 25, 2008

Ouija Board

My wife and I have used the Ouija board in the past and have always had 'fun' experiences with it. We don't put to much thought into and definitely don't obsess about it. Personally, I don't know how it works. I'm open to the idea that the board actually is a medium through which you can talk to the other side. I also don't rule out the idea that the planchette is moved by subconscious thoughts. Within a ritual space I believe that it is its most useful, but that is a post for later.

What really gets me though are the people who believe that the Ouija is dangerous, that there is a slew of demons just waiting for someone to pop open a Parker Brothers board so they can jump all over them and cause evil things to occur. These people acknowledge that these so called demons have some type of higher power to be able to possess them or haunt them. This, to me, is a very pretentious view point. Why would a higher being even notice you if you were not actively seeking them? And how do they benefit from this possession or haunting?

I think all the problems people claim to have experienced with the Ouija comes down to this: they are mentally deranged. Maybe this is caused by a deep guilt imparted on them by their religion or maybe it is a desire to be a victim. Whatever it is, I find it pathetically amusing! It is a self-fulfilling prophecy: If you think bad things will happen to you if you use the Ouija, they will; and not by anything supernatural.

The Ouija is a like a telephone: most of the time when you use it you are just dialling random numbers. The person on the end is as likely to cause you harm as if you did it in real life. If you use the Ouija in a ritual space or meditation, you are just calling someone specific.

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